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We are a small but nimble, vibrant, innovative, and award-winning company who believes in connecting people to meaningful opportunities that add value and provide a sense of empowerment to their lives and/or businesses.

We believe that the success of this strategy creates a win-win for both clients and the consumer.

Stephany Aguilera

Sr. Vice President of Client Relations

Duke Hamilton, JR.

Sr. Vice President Technology/Media

BJ Johnson


Samantha Gordon

Project Manager

Willis Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Jerome Garza

Project Manager

Brenna Wriston

Sr. Vice President Government Relations & Nonprofit Initiatives

Brian Boyle

Project Manager

Alex Peng

Lead Software Engineer

Jon Edmonds

Sr. Vice President of Operations

Ian Dowl

Sr. VP of Public Engagement

Nancy Gallegos

Project Manager

Noa Dowl

Sr. VP Equity Compliance

Gabrielle Johnson

Media Consultant

Vernita Wilson

Client Relations

Latrecia Johnson

Account Executive ~ Atlanta

LaToya Porter

Project Manager

Austin Hood

Project Manager Government Relations

Sherelyn Roberts

Public Relations

Jake Breault

Project Manager ~ Houston

Narasimha Arekatla

Software Engineer

Cecilia Reyes

Engineer Executive

Jerry Rosenbaum

Project Manager/Lead Engineer

Jonah Murray

Project Manager ~ Fort Worth

Karen Castro

Client Relations

Aditi Sehgal

Software Engineer

Stacy Crawford

Document Controls/DISD

Kenneth Davis

Document Controls/DFW

Brenda Smith

Project Manager

Brenda Pasillas

Client Relations

Robert Rose

Document Controls/DFW

Carmelo Garcia

Account Executive

Debby Cullen

Client Relations/DFW

Carl Ellis

Business Development

Kimberly Loza

Document Controls/DISD

Jonathan Maples

Business Development

Henry Bryan

Government Relations

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