Who We Are

Who We Are

JBJ Marketing, LLC doing business as (DBA) JBJ Management (JBJ) was founded in 1995. Since its inception 29 years ago, the firm has taken a lead role in many city, county, and transportation projects.

We are a vibrant, innovative, and award-winning company who believes in connecting people to meaningful experiences that add value and provide a sense of empowerment to their lives and/or businesses. We believe this strategy’s success creates a win-win for both the client and the consumer.

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JBJ Management

Willis Johnson, founder, and CEO of JBJ Management leveraged 25+ years of hosting The Willis Johnson Morning Show and created unique relationships with community stakeholders and decision makers; city, county, state, and national politicians and individuals from selected corporations. 

The JBJ staff continues to expand on this foundation by making JBJ one of the leading companies of choice when hiring a marketing and public relations firm.

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