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One of our clients for whom we have achieved successful results through strategic solutions is Red Bird Mall in the Southern sector of Dallas, TX.

It is a well-known fact that the economic health of malls across the United States has been in decline with high vacancy rates in recent years. The RedBird mall in South Dallas was no different and the mall was on the verge of
being abandoned. South Dallas is an under-served community and the demise of Red Bird mall would have been of great detriment to the community. The City of Dallas began to research what could be done to breathe new life into a property where revitalization was necessary. 


JBJ Management is profoundly respected in the City as an African American owned company deeply immersed in the community and its history. We pride ourselves with a diverse and knowledgeable staff of ranging viewpoints, creating a uniqueness that allows us to offer unparalleled knowledge and consultation when navigating the community and political matrix. Our company experience and background allowed us to work in partnership with Visit Dallas to create a Civil Rights tour including:

  • Historical Narrative of the African American journey to Dallas and North Texas after slavery, through the Civil Rights era and the election of the first African American mayor, Ron Kirk
  • Directory of civil rights landmarks with descriptions, their importance to the African American story and high-resolution images with complete usage rights
  • Listing of civil rights leaders with bios and high-resolution images and usage rights
  •  Videos that highlight the African American story in Dallas and include a slideshow of images of landmarks and people
  •  A Tour Guide Book and Brochure that includes a map, historical narrative, tour information, and original blog post on landmarks/leaders
  • One and two-day itineraries for individuals who want to experience a Civil Rights Tour on their own


As indicated, JBJ Management worked in partnership with Visit Dallas to brand Dallas as a Civil Rights History destination.

The complete program was implemented during Black History Month so that visitors will be able to enjoy this most fascinating exhibition of an important part of the story of Dallas and North Texas. The Visit Dallas organization has already been amazed that JBJ Management exceeded their expectations.

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