Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a modern regional public transit system covering 700 square miles through 12 cities in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Due to DART’s unique role throughout the region, it must manage a complex set of service and safety requirements, political fulfillments and community awareness goals, while also serving varying demographics. As DART continues to improve its goals of ridership and serviceability with two new projects started in 2006, D2 and The Cotton Belt, DART requested
qualifications for a marketing consultation company that
comprehended the wide range of ridership diversity, unique crisis management services, and held an experienced reputation in regional public relations, and retained JBJ Management.


In a tense political climate where the regional cities disagreed on the potential effects of the new D2 and Cotton Belt projects threatening to end them both, a series of key meetings involving City Council members, key community influencers and a sequence of educational open houses for interested community members was needed to diffuse tensions and secure the advancement of the projects, which JBJ Management developed the strategic solution for and implementation of. We also
developed a strategy between DART and the City Council to have more effective communications and clarification between City and DART property.


DART and JBJ Management reached an extension agreement in October of 2017 on our marketing consultation and public relations contract to continue to work with DART until the next fiscal year with another option to extend in each concurrent year, due to our innovative consultation that led to effective and meaningful action items. 

JBJ Management has also offered additional insight into some under-served areas which prompted a funding of over $600,00 worth of reduced-fare bus passes.

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