Business Development

Business development is a part of the everyday operation of JBJ. A key capability JBJ provides is organizing and facilitating meetings with key stakeholders that are essential to the finished product of the client. Both public and private projects have been delivered with intimate knowledge of the geographical area and the business climate and culture taken into consideration.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is crucial to the success of any plan or project. JBJ takes pride in early examination of each enterprise that it undertakes. Understanding the internal make up of the client’s operation is important as well as the project that is at hand. JBJ is systemic in it’s approach so that all components are made aware that opens all avenues to lead to the success of the project.

Crisis Management

JBJ has a proven record of delivering clients through alternative routes after the original plan was met with challenges.  We help to devise strategies to come out of uncertain conditions and also decide on the

future course of action.





We Offer So Much More

Poltical Strategy

We will provide an organized effort within a specific target group by constructing a critcal campaign path that involves awarness, components, engagement and action.

Media Campaign

We can help you define clear goals, plan action, and review which communication channels are likely to help you reach your target audience. (Print, Radio, TV, Social and Electronic Media)